1. fortune, lot, cup, portion, die, doom, Archaic. foredoom, Chiefly Scot. weird, Brit. Inf. cup of tea, writing on the wall; destiny, karma, kismet, predetermination, predestination, God's will, Fortune's wheel, wheel of fortune, whatever comes; stars, planets, astral influence; All Inf. the way it goes, the breaks, the way the ball bounces, the way the cookie crumbles.
2. destination, ultimate future; hereafter, afterworld, otherworld, world to come, next world; the beyond, great beyond; the unknown, great unknown; the grave, eternal home.
3. inevitability, inevitableness, certainty, sureness; inescapableness, unavoidableness; uncontrollability, unpreventability.
4. death, death knell, deathblow, quietus, bane; end, finish, conlusion, terminus, termination, windup, Inf. payoff; end or final result, final event, last act, bitter end, finis, finale, curtain, final or last curtain, Sl. curtains; ruin, ruination, destruction; downfall, debacle, undoing, collapse; disaster, catastrophe.
5.Fates, Providence, Lady or Dame Fortune, For-tuna; Weirds, Weird Sisters, (Greek)Moerae, (Roman)Parcea, (Scandinavian)Norns; Destinies.
6. predetermine, predestine, Obs. predestinate, preordain, foreordain, foreordinate, predecide, doom, foredoom, Inf. have in store for.
7. destine, ordain, mark, Obs. appoint; determine, set, assign, ascribe, allot.

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